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Lex Rex

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Revisiting the Fathers


After reading many of the Church Fathers writing around 200 AD and earlier, I would like to ask the following questions:


What are the main issues that you see presented by such honorable men in their writings that demonstrate that the Eastern Orthodox is the exclusive and true Church?

And then, more specifically, which doctrines do you see supported by the Fathers that have been rejected, or created, by the Protestant West (and which of those arise to heresy in your opinion)?

To Lex Rex:

What are the doctrines/practices of the Eastern Orthodox that you find most unacceptable (even heretical) and, perhaps more to the point, unsupported in Scripture, or even refuted in Scripture?

I ask not for the complete defenses of each point at this juncture, but rather for them to be set forth with perhaps an abreviated summary of each person's current viewpoint. Then we can delve deeper into the finer points and issues on each as we proceed. I hope this works for both of you, as I would like to get a better understanding of where we agree, disagree or simply need to all consider things not considered before.

As a side point, and meant in the way of encouragement, when I returned home from our common Law-School days, I felt the Lord directing me to the Book of Jude in Holy Scripture. The primary import of Jude's writings, IMHO, is a call to true believers to fight and contend for the Faith that was once delivered to them against the lies and deceptions that had already come in. This is why I have loved this forum and our fellowship. I see that it fits in directly with Jude's admonition to fight for the purity of our Faith. Another Scripture asks the question what shall the righteous do if the foundations are destroyed? I believe that for the Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican and Protestant alike, the foundations are quickly being destroyed and it drives me back to Jude's call. I have been very interested to see of late, the call of Jude arising in several Christian Forums. Interestingly enough to me, they have been spread across the spectrum from Orthodox to Protestant voices. God is moving through His Holy Spirit and I believe Jude's voice is being heard again, and I believe we are meant to part of this great move.

As always, Godspeed!