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Lex Rex

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Lex Rex and BGM,

As I have been doing little else than reading through the earliest Church Fathers of late (up through Tertullian and Origen), I wanted to interject this initial observation as to the Sacraments. Second century emphasis, at least in the surviving texts, is limited to Baptism and the Eucharist. Unless I have missed something, which is always possible, I simply do not see any reference to other Sacraments (other than perhaps that Marriage is of God).

At the beginning of third century, Tertullian does expand the Sacramental discussion, along with many many many other topics. But, frankly, without knowing BGM's take on Tertullian, I find much in his writing to be over the top. I am simply not sure what level of trust to put in either Tertullian or Origen, in that both were quite off in many of their teachings (not just in my opinion, but the opinion of their contemporaries as well). The Church of their day obviously distrusted them as they were both either given the boot or they themselves broke fellowship with the very Church they had vigorously defended. That being said, I have, however, found some very interesting conclusions they arrived at on various topics but will fight the urge to rant and rave off of topic.

I will await BGM's and Lex Rex's, and even perhaps Simon_Templar's, valued input before devolving further except to say that as to the Eucharist, I believe I have found evidence that has significantly raised the importance of said Sacrament in my heart and mind (and body as may be). Based upon the NT and OT I believe that there indications of the importance of treating the elements of the Eucharist with reverence. I will explain the Scriptural basis for this statement when time presents. After reading the earliest Fathers I have been left with the impression that they believed it was more than mere symbol, but actually imparts physical sustenance to those who partake in a worthy manner. I am still admittedly in deliberations on this topic and, thus, have chosen to limit my comments until seeing what my highly esteemed brothers have to say.