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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Early Church


OK then.

I will agree to limit the frequency of my blogs, if you would limit the length of yours.

With all sincerity, my greatest concern for you, BGM, is that although you can, all too easily, see the problems in the West, you, despite your recognition of the "warts" of Orthodoxy, have not been able to see the problems of the East. Even if, for argument sake, I conceded that the East retained a closer historical version of traditional Christianity, it is simply not enough! Do I really need to invoke the Pharisee example again. I will continue to do so, until it sinks in.

It is my prayer for you that the Lord will open your eyes/heart to the active role the Holy Spirit wants in your life. And yes, I believe this can happen within the Orthodox Church. Maybe the Lord will raise you up to restore a heart of true worship in that part of the Body of Christ.

That being said, of course we will try to use the chosen format as a guideline. But lets not be rain-manish over it. I am, as I have stated, truly intrigued by the early Church and would like to hear more of what they believed. It is also true in any search, however, that reviewing one specific thing most often raises more general questions and issues. I know that such minor deviations will not be a stumbling block to this great search nor its participants, but rather add to the richness of the discussion.

And, furthermore, I am certainly willing to change when the Holy Spirit leads and reveals the truth. (It is true that many use the Holy Spirit as their own personal stamp of approval, or excuse as may be, but as I have said, the abuse of a truth by some does not change the truth for others.)

The truth is that a man led by the Holy Spirit can come to the "truth" of an issue long before the man who has a head full of knowledge on the same topic but is not being so led. So much for ignorance! What was it that the Scriptures mentioned about Peter and John when they appeared before the "learned men" of their day? It seemed apparent that all of the head knowledge in the world could not undermine the simple "wisdom" brought by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In order to get this "discussion" back on track, (remember BGM it was you who reacted so strongly against using argument as an effective style of truth seeking), let me ask a fundamental question. I have my own thoughts on the following matter, but would honestly like to hear what Lex Rex and BGM think. Fundamentaly, we have begun our discussion with the early church, but what qualifies as the early church? The tendency in any historical consideration is to broaden what is included in such statements as the "early" this or that. The further from the event you have become, the more time is included in terms such as 'early'. Hence, early to you may very well not be early to me.

P.S. I just wanted to restate that I am not backing away, and never intended to, from my views on the importance of Scriptures. I simply, in an apparently failed attempt at humor, tried to make up a new tag phrase, I did not realize I was already beaten to the punch. I simply do not want to associate with unknown phrases already defined by someone else. My position is what it is! Look back at my last post to reread it.

As always, God Speed!