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Monday, January 17, 2005

Reformation Revisited: A Comparative Symposium

Lex Rex is pleased to announce a new symposium, entitled, "Reformation Revisited", wherein questions of foundational theological thought and comparison between orthodox and protestant systems will be examined from a scriptural, contextual and historical study. Lex Rex welcomes two new contributors that are highly regarded, entertaining, and most of all brilliant thinkers; BGM and Zain. While the three of us may differ in our theological views (although there is much agreement), we all share the common belief that the modern church has veered considerably from its early path.

In keeping with our goals of open forum discussion, our hope is to make our private email exchanges more public, and also more broad by refraining from getting bogged down in a deep esoteros type discussion meant only for church scholars.

The initial questions are:

1. What was the early church like (i.e. what did they believe, those who walked with the disciples)? This of course is a purely historical examination.

2. Does orthodoxy better resemble the early church or 1500s era reformist view? We must define the true tenets of orthodoxy and protestant systems here.

3. Did they have it right? It is at this point we must examine God's Holy scripture.

Lex Rex does not intend to be divisive within the church, rather we hope to sharpen, encourage, and edify the Church. Several subtopics are likely to spin off of the above three broad questions. While other postings may be interspersed in between symposium posts, we will have a separate archive column for quick reference.