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Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Not So Beautiful Mind

Fresh off a case of the blogosflu (I think I caught it through Captain Ed's blog, is that possible?), Lex Rex is back baby! Now my 3000 readers a day, minus 2950 not so uniques, can relax. Joe Carter has an intriguing proposition for bloggers here; Is Americanism the Successor of Puritanism?

As my vast readership is aware, Lex Rex prides itself in refraining from ad hominem attacks. On occasion, human acts of stupidity mandates flexibility with this policy as there can be no other way to describe Babs Boxer's attempt to overturn the voter's will: Thankfully, common sense ruled as the Senate voted 74-1 and the House 267-31 to reject her objection to the certification of Ohio's 20 Electoral College votes. The tag line for A Beautiful Mind, "[s]he Saw The World In A Way No One Could Have Imagined..." seems appropriate here. Both nuts but this is where the comparison ends; one genius, the other dumber than dumb and dumber, combined.

Her list of grievances were bizarre to say the least, mainly complaining that people had to wait to vote. Her next measure brought to the floor was an objection that traffic lights turn red, thereby causing people to wait until they turn green. The horror. Radio Blogger has some good pictures of Hugh's studio. I didn't know Hugh wore a toupee.