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Lex Rex

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Below The Fold

Kerry back on stage to "maintain a high profile." Make no mistake about it "the closer" (should be "poser") intends to run in '08. His delusion of support continues; minus the Bush hate vote, he would have mustered 123 votes, maybe, which includes his campaign staff and one third of his family members.

House GOP looking to relax ethics rules. While it does look like the right thing to do, any way they try to spin this, likely press fodder for years to come.

Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts plans to "carve out his vision for the Democratic Party and the nation" in a Jan. 12 speech at the National Press Club. A prominent adviser to Kerry during his failed presidential bid, Kennedy's speech is entitled "A Democratic Blueprint for America's Future." This "blue" print will likely have multiple overlays resembling a construction blueprint. The first will show how to destroy America's foundation with a mixture of shredded constitution and imported water from Old Europe. He will then demonstrate raising the walls and floor between religion, which will be locked in a dungeon in the basement, and the State, which will consist of the rest of the opulent structure. Electricity for those in the basement and dungeon will be generated by gigantic windmills located well out of sight, while the rest of the structure will be powered by sucking the life energy out of the economy.

We can only hope that the man who engineered Kerry's campaign will contribute further to the complete devastation of the Democratic party. Get that man a hard hat!

Former President Jimmy Carter is under fire from PETA for his confession on Jay Leno that he is a fisherman. "We're asking President Carter to think this through and to grant fish peace by leaving them in the water where they belong," PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said shortly after putting on her leather shoes, habitat killing rayon clothing, and stepping on uncounted groups of innocent ants on the way to delivering her press release.