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Lex Rex

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Reawakening Starting Now...

Lots of hot topics being discussed on Evangelical Outpost over the last few days, from intelligent design (ID) to stem cells, I see a renewed focus on issues that drive us to our core. Lex Rex has been busy at the garrison of the outpost. These deep issues always come down to one's will. Take for example ID. Joe Carter placed a simple proposition for the evolutionary biologists/scientists: If one creature is imported from Anartica and another is created in a lab by a mad scientist, how would they tell them apart? 160+ responses later, most examining from a scientific level, could not answer, not even for a bag of cash. My own take: With the DNA double helix discoveries, we now know that there is an intricate message written as a code to "instruct" the behavior of cells. We have now found the library where the secrets of life are held, only it is written in a language we cannot decipher. So we have commenced mapping the library, which is like the Dewey Decimal system that tells us where the books are, and the subject matter they are related to, but does not disclose the contents; we have not started reading the books. Well, logic would posit that these books necessarily must have an author. Pretty good evidence of ID, don't you think? The atheists can only help explain the chemical reactions caused in the transmission of the message, but do not have a clue what the message is, who wrote it, or how it got there. Another observation is that scientific study mandates reproducible events that can be observed. The problem with a scientific approach to creationism is that the books of life have already been written, it was a historical event. Evolution theory suffers from the same flaw; there does not seem to be a process we can re-produce and observe. Historical events do not lend themselves well to a scientific approach. For example, take the Kennedy assassination. To study this scientifically, we would have to bring him back to life along with Oswald and then travel back in time and observe the event. But we have film of the event, autopsy reports, first hand witnesses etc... to study this. So for historical events like creationism, we use primary and secondary sourcing like, well, books! So with the discovery of the double helix, we discovered a primary source, a library if you will, written by God himself, of how we were created! That is not to say that science plays no role in examining creation (another common misconception), just that we cannot prove the matter by a scientific approach. It is difficult to move scientists, especially atheistic scientists, away from evolution theory towards a historical examination of creation. But what I think is going on now is a sort of reawakening of an examination of spiritual issues. I take the heated debate as a good sign.