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Lex Rex

Friday, December 03, 2004

The One Thing

I recall a movie, the name of which escapes me right now, wherein an old rugged cowboy turns to Billy Crystal and tells him that he must find "the one thing" in life in order for him to discover his purpose.

In today's devotional Greg Laurie asks what the purpose of our life is. What a fitting question as we approach Christmas. The Christ of Christmas came for one purpose; to save mankind for eternity! To that end, he has commanded his foot soldiers to spread the good news of hope, peace, and salvation in the name of one and only one, Yeshua. And if we took up only this one purpose in our short life here on earth, it will have been lived for Christ. We should all take up this one primary purpose during our lives, and the multitude of other perceived purposes will be sure to naturally flow.