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Lex Rex

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Headlines Today...

Relief aid is in desperate need in South Asia. There is a rush of aid going on that is unprecedented, but it is bad, really bad out there. As one reporter put it:

"On India's remote Andaman and Nicobar islands, rescuers followed the stench of death to find rotting bodies in jungles, where as many as 10,000 uncounted bodies are believed to be buried in mud and thick vegetation....In Sri Lanka, where she is working....The situation is very dire...People are living in jungles. They're looking for shelter in anything from schools to churches to mosques. Anywhere they can sleep with some coverage and shelter until aid arrives....Survivors from the Indian islands told harrowing tales. Many had not eaten for two days and people had to contend with crocodiles that were washed ashore." .... “When I found my beloved sister's body, it was like someone drove a knife into my stomach,” bin Ahmed said. “I never knew such pain until the bodies of my brother and his wife were found. The whole day they were missing, I felt like a ghost.” “We have not found anyone yet, but I am sure we will because the smell is getting so strong,” bin Ahmed said. The men are armed with only their gloves, black plastic tarps and strong stomachs because the stench in some places seeps into the weave of a T-shirt or cap. “I know it is hard work and dangerous, too, because of the debris. But I know how it feels to be missing someone,” he said.“I hope if I can ease the pain for other people … the pain in my heart will stop.”

Samaritan's Purse headed up by Franklin Graham is a good steward and good place to donate online.

Soros, on the other hand, heads up an organization now charged with tax evasion.

"Group holds fast to Kerry cause with Beacon Hill vigil" caught my eye originally, but it's no "fast" in biblical sense, rather a stubborn unwillingness to let go in the humanist sense.

And finally, this headline "McDonald's Mulling More Humane Chicken Slaughter Methods." I love chicken, I have hunted and killed things that taste like chicken, but the phrase 'Humane Chicken Slaughter Method" strikes me as an oxymoron.