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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Few RSVPs for Old Media Dinner Party

I concur (not that this means anything with my vast audience) with Hugh Hewitt on Bill Bennett's excellent article, "Wither The Mainstream Media?". I recall a guest lecturer in my law school in 1992 who proclaimed how incredible the internet would become. At the time, by the end of 1991, the Internet had grown to include some 5,000 networks in over three dozen countries, serving over 700,000 host computers (now 200,000,000) used by over 4,000,000 people (about 10% or 600 million now) (interesting internet growth chart here.) How amazing it was, he mused, that sand on a beach would one day contribute to changing the way we get information forever. While MSM used to be able to control and send information with impunity to passive recipients, the internet and now the Blogosphere has provided a source for the thirsty and empowered them to actively seek out and process information on their own. In a sense, we are now "growing up" in that we no longer have to sit at the table of Old Media like prisoners gathered in the mess hall for unidentifiable grub. The Blogosphere is more akin to an upscale all-you-can-eat buffet and, naturally, information consumers are becoming better nourished. The bad news for the imploding democrats is that better informed (I didn't say educated) citizens tend towards conservatism. While I do know many intelligent liberals, I know of few wise ones. Indeed, misinformed and ignorant people make up their largest constituency. Recall, for example, Sean Hannity's man on the street interviews where the anti-Bush crowd threw their support for "Stu Pid" the democratic nominee for president.

There is a bit of irony in sand's contribution to the weakening of Old Media; the beach is where Dan Rather will likely be spending his retirement.