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Lex Rex

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Around the World...

....today, former president Clinton (Bill that is) calls for a coordinated effort in providing aid to South Asia. Wish I'd have thought of that, dang, that guy is smart.

Bush named most admired man, four years running by Gallup. Canceling this resume item out: Hillary, most admired woman.

Retailers had solid growth this Christmas, the Lex Rex household last minute purchases adding 2.3%.

While at first calling US stingy, later in the day, Jan Egeland, United Nations undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs, called the assistance pledged by the United States and Europe "very generous." "I have been misinterpreted when I yesterday said that my belief that rich countries in general can be more generous," he added. "This has nothing to do with any particular country or the response to this emergency in the early days. The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive." I hear Mr. Egeland's chauffeured limo has 3 gears in reverse, and one forward.

This just in..."A leading European human rights watchdog has called on Ukraine's Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych (BENCH CONFERENCE: Yanukovych comes up as anchovie in spell check...END CONFERENCE)to admit defeat as initial results showed his West-leaning rival Viktor Yushchenko winning the presidency. Although official confirmation could take several days, the results, with all the vote counted, gave Yushchenko 51.99 percent of the vote to the premier's 44.19 percent. However, Yanukovych has refused to concede defeat and is vowing to challenge the results in court. His camp says it has filed nearly 5,000 complaints about Sunday's balloting." Washington Governor elect Democrat Christine Gregoire, Al Gore, and John Kerry are dispatching campaign staff members to aid Yanukovych in his cause fraudule....

Athiests are now targeting recycling...complaining that Christmas tree recycling is unfair to non-Christians. Blue bags should be given to both groups. What I need is a barf bag. Not quite convinced that Christmas trees are limited to Christians, I'll have to look up that one on Lois Law. Remind me to tell my Jewish friends that they cannot recycle their trees.

And finally, the misleading headline of the day, "Ohio Recount Shows Slimmer Bush Lead." By 300 votes out of 118,000. Technically true, but as we say in the law profession, a distinction without a difference.