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Monday, November 29, 2004

WMD Attack on US Inevitable, ELIs More Harmful

The greatest threat to America is not a WMD attack from the outside, but ELI (Enactments of Liberal Ideology) attacks from our domestic enemies. True, WMDs have a "wow" factor that plays well on the nightly news, but arguably more misery occurs at the hand of liberals. To keep tabs on our domestic enemies, I think we should have a color coded threat matrix patterned after the Homeland Security model, only reversed. "Red" means that conservatives are in control and the threat of internal destruction is relatively low, while moving up the spectrum to "Code Blue" means that the policies and ideology of the Blue States are taking hold. An elevated blue warning would signal Americans to shift assets to tax free investments and pull their children out of public schools.

As to the WMD threat, Yossef Bodansky had this to say:

An al-Qaida attack on the US with non-conventional weapons is virtually "inevitable," and the organization is likely "tying up the knots" for such an attack, Yossef Bodansky, former director of the US Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.....

"All of the warnings we have today indicate that a major strike something more horrible than anything we've seen before is all but inevitable," he said.....

He said that al-Qaida has not carried out a second major attack on the US until now for internal psychological and ideological reasons, but after the reelection of President George W. Bush, it has gotten "the green light" to do so from leading Islamic religious luminaries, as well as from "the elites of the Arab world." ....

Bodansky said that while there may still be some vestiges of debate and doubt within Islamic circles, he believes that planning for such an attack is finished. "They got the kosher stamp from the Islamic world to use nuclear weapons," he said.....

Moreover, Bodansky said that America is losing the war against terrorism, noting the number of recruits bin Laden is able to count on, as his call to arms gains widespread support throughout the Muslim world.....

In the pre-9/11 world, Bodansky said, jihadists could count on 250,000 individuals trained and willing to die, and 2.5 million to 5 million people willing to help them in one way or another. He cited intelligence estimates from this summer that suggest that as many as 500,000-750,000 people are willing and trained to die, 10 million are willing to actively support them, short of killing, while another 50 million are willing to support such a movement financially.....

While I do believe that another attack is inevitable, as inevitable as it was on September 10, 2001, I take issue with the assessment that we are losing this war. In fact, it is just odd that anyone of reasonable intelligence would think we are losing. I guess it depends on what "losing" means, but given the intense pressure we have put on terrorist organizations worldwide, I don't see us "losing" any more than we were losing in the early stages of WWII. We have a plan to defeat terrorism, it doesn't happen over night, but it will happen.

Compare the enemy to America. On the enemy's side, perhaps more are willing to support terrorism, but never has it been more difficult to do so. Assets are being tracked down, confiscated, destroyed, or frozen. Meanwhile, our financing of the war goes on un-hindered and on public display, right down to the vote and location of our funding process being recorded live on television. Indeed, our assets continue to grow daily. Terrorists are increasingly on the run, forced to hide in caves and safe houses, moving from one location to the next every four hours, and filtering cryptic taped messages through stealth conduits to their media outlets (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and of course, Al Jazeera). Our side? Our soldiers walk around freely, and malls were filled with anti-terrorist Bush supporters this past weekend. Our leaders appear publicly regularly, and live in the media. I've seen the White House and it's no cave. The only frequent movements that Bush made was during the last leg of this past election (a cuss word to jihadists) where he won the popular vote (whoops, another bad word) by a large margin.

It is inevitable in any war that numbers will increase in support of an enemy, but we now have a coalition against terrorism that is larger than the elites care to admit. They may have 500,000 willing to die, we have millions just in our own armed services that accept the dangers of the war, but would rather make the terrorists die for their cause. They may have 10,000,000 willing to support terrorism, but by the latest count, we have at least 61,000,000 in support of crushing terrorism and this number is growing.

All this said, we should brace ourselves for another attack, but in that event, the American spirit of freedom will only grow stronger. Indeed, if there was anything good that came out of 9/11, it was the rousing of patriotism and Christianity. America is now firmly a Super Power. If there is a kryptonite that would weaken our resolve, it is the complacency born during the soft non-war periods in American history. In this post-modern era, while we are not busy fighting wars, we now elect weak leaders. If the terrorists only knew that they could realize their dream of America's fall by merely sitting back and patiently doing nothing, why then, then we would be at our greatest level of danger; Code Blue.