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Lex Rex

Monday, November 08, 2004


Well, mission accomplished, sort of. We are now as safe as we can be for another four years. With the 2004 election, Bloggers have been elevated to their rightful place of influence and honor; the so-called "New Media" will continue to relegate Big Media to its deserved "B" rating! But now is not the time to rest on our laurels! It is my vision that Lex Rex contributes in its own small way to the further reddening of America. While the Bush Country map looks like there is little work to do, the fact remains that there are many areas that are in desperate need of a conservative revolution. Indeed, urbanites within throwing distance of ground zero are still being held hostage by the left and forced into a blue world view that can only spell more suffering and turmoil. We have made gains, but ask yourself how John F. Kerry received 48% of the popular vote? There will always be a 20% radical fringe, but what of the additional 28%? It is too easy to blame Big Media alone, whether its lacking semblance of any objectivity in reporting, or its overt omission in silence, the fact remains that at least 28% of America pulled the lever for what would have been the largest disaster in presidential history. Put another way, just 70,000 changed Ohioan minds would have changed history forever, for the worst that is. So it is with this ongoing mission that Lex Rex launches into the Blogosphere! I welcome everyone into our very large red tent!