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Lex Rex

Friday, November 19, 2004

Targeted Salvation Army Will March On

As the G-rated version of the old saying goes, "it is unwise to go number two where you eat." Or maybe that's where you sleep. The Minneapolis based Target has done a lot of good for its local community, and the community has done a lot of good for Target. Which is why I am so perplexed by the decision to silence the bells. I do not think the pages of the blogosphere could contain the stories of those touched by the Salvation Army, but here are just a few examples of do-goods by Salvation Army in the Twin Cities area:

- A shelter housing work release prisoners, and homeless shelters generally.

- Local tornado relief.

- Nursing home visits and toys for children.

- Providing a place for chemical dependent mothers and health care to the uninsured.

- Administering the future Kroc Community Center

Through fiery hell andhigh water, the Twin Cities Salvation Army has put the light in the Northern Lights. Personally, I get a little melancholy when I hear that bell and see that red bucket. Memories drift back to my childhood and my mittened hand gripping the coat tail of my mother as she bee-lined towards those soldiers of Christ and dropped her change in that bucket. "It's not how much" she would say, "it's whatever you have" as she gave one-hundred percent of what was in her purse. Probably not much, but it added up. Today, I can't pass one until I do the same. But I take solace in Newton's Second Law: any loss from the forces at Corporate Target, will be made up and then some from the spirit that has kept that bell ringing. We can start here.