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Lex Rex

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Fat, Drunk & Stupid

Last night on MSNBC I heard a RNC strategist compare the Democrats to an "alcoholic who has yet to hit rock bottom." He predicted that the DNC would hit rock bottom, around 2006. The analogy is a good one. The DNC continues in its post election stupor, staggering around in search for yet another kook theory pusher to reassure them that it was not them, rather, it was too many idiot Republicans who negligently exercised their franchise along party lines. This conclusion is illogical on its face. Republicans made more gains in traditional Democrat strong holds than in those of the party faithful; substantial gains in the minority vote (Hispanics, African Americans, and Jewish), received a majority of the catholic vote, closed the gap in the female vote, and are continuing the closing of margins in blue states generally. Indeed, the elephant is now firmly in their living room and no one of common sense in the DNC, besides Zell Miller, wants to stand up and proclaim its existence. Shortly after the Kerry/Daschle defeat, DNC Chairman Terry McCauliff boldly stated that the party was never in better shape. Remarkably, pointing to their ever fattening war chest of contributions, McCauliff then declared victory for the DNC. But fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through a political life. It is a truism that most alcoholics have to hit rock bottom in order to begin their rehabilitation. But it is also true that most who hit rock bottom fail to rehabilitate at all. In the DNC's case, there are too many drinking buddies remaining in and at the party. Truth be told, few Democrats will see success unless they appease the anti-war, big tax, big government wing of the party. My prediction is that the DNC will be off the wagon well beyond 2006. Like a drunk slurring, "I can drive - just gimme them keys", the Democrats will continue in their blue state of denial. During the sobering period between binges, Andy Griffith reserved a cell for Otis who would promptly check himself in and slumber in his false euphoria. Our party will likewise continue locking up the vote as the DNC voluntarily walks the path of destruction.