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Lex Rex

Friday, November 12, 2004

Blue State Misers, Cuba Dreams & Bee Gee 8-Tracks

On the generosity of red states v. blue, a study done by Catalogue for Philanthropy found that red states make up eighty percent of giving. No surprise there. Just compare the giving of Kerry and Bush and Gore and Bush. To be fair, I think democrats count their taxes in their tithe since Big Government is their choice in supreme being worship. Here is a breakdown:

Reportedly on the Today Show, Lynn Cheney was describing the rag tag nature of George Washington's army when Matt Lauer interrupted and stated, "you mean like the insurgents in Fallujah?" Mrs. Cheney was quick on the comeback and responded, "with one difference Matt, we fought for freedom and they are fighting for tyranny." As evil dictators continue to fall the Matt Lauers of the world can only hold out hope for the Cuba/North Korea/China styled utopian society.

Heard on the radio that blue state ideals have finally taken root in formally Red Russia. A woman has reportedly filed suit against McDonalds for burns she received from hot coffee. This same woman not too long ago had to wait in line 4 hours to buy a loaf of bread for a bazillian rubles. This also just in, the Bee Gees are starting to catch on in Russia and 8 track sales are sky rocketing.