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Lex Rex

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Abject Hatred

I am not certain why Republican states are red and Democrat blue. Perhaps it is a backhand reference to communist dictatorships. Like early patriots who embraced the derogatory Yankee Doodle, I nevertheless proudly embrace the attempted slander. But it is mainly liberals who are red in the face when Bush invades the conversation. Why? This abject hatred appears to have no anchor in reason. What exactly is there to hate Bush for? It cannot simply be Iraq; their vitriol hatred existed long before March 2003. Never mind that unemployment is lower than the average of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Never mind that this president is the first overhaul Medicare since its inception. And forget that he joined hands with none other than Ted Kennedy to pass real educational reform that has changed how we think about young minds; soft bigotry is now in a coma. Let's also forget about how he bravely led the charge to cut taxes in a time of war, which resulted in the most shallow recession in recent memory. Of course, we shouldn't remember that this president has placed more minorities in high places than any other in history. And yes, we should forget that he calmly and resolutely has confronted more crisis situations than any other president; from the constitutional crisis of the 2000 election, to the downed plan in China within weeks of his inauguration, to the worst attack on American soil in US history, to a difficult war on terror where the enemy has no heads of state and are interspersed throughout the entire world even in our own communities. Moreover, he has remained calm and resolute through the most viscous campaign of personal attacks ever waged by MSM, Hollywood, foreign entities, politicians, judges, and even OBL himself, all united to tear down our president. Through all this, he has never uttered a disparaging word. Forget about all of this and let the liberals only remember what they hate this president for, which is....well, I forget. Liberals confuse hatred with justice. "But hatred is not justice, and revenge is inconceivable without hatred. Hatred consumes him who bears it, not against him at whom it is directed. Hatred claims the soul of man, and it is for this reason that the Apostle Paul asks of us "do not avenge yourselves, in order to make peace" (Romans 12, 19)